Monday, August 15, 2011

odd things i think about when i can't sleep

switching to the right side of the bed has been sweeping LA in recent weeks.
we caught up with hershel jones—LA's fayest hound and lifestyle guru to the stars—and asked if he thought it was just another passing phase or if shifting to the right was here to stay.

H: "well it's certainly NOT a trend! my partner hedley and i made the switch weeks ago have been sleeping like pups ever since. it's simply fabulous. the right side is DEFINITELY the new "left side of the bed" for the fashionably forward sleep set. we wouldn't dream of sleeping anywhere else!"

how are your owners taking the change? are they for it, or do they feel left out & literally 'pushed aside' like so many others who have been down-graded to a less favorable address in the bedroom?

H: "oh they've been champs through the entire change-over. i don't think they've slept in days but they are clinging to the left side like middle america clings to their knock-off louis vuittons from 4 seasons ago. they simply refuse to give in and move to the living room. it's commendable really. sad, but commendable.