Sunday, April 11, 2010

a much better use of my time

i've been trying to occupy my days in such a way as to not be bored out of my mind by 10 a.m. about a week ago i woke up in the morning & thought "i'm going to make austin & addy costumes." a trip to the garment district, a good amount of digging through random boxes in my closests & 48 hours later they were done. i don't ever recall having that much follow-through but i suspect telling both my brother & my sister-in-law that costumes for the kiddies would soon be on the way had something to do with it. one does not promise princess & green beast costumes to a 2 & 5 year old respectively without making damn sure you've got a princess & green beast costume readily available.

so i busied myself & quite frankly had more fun hanging out alone in my apartment while don was working than i have in some time. and it was surprisingly easy considering i completeley winged it. no patterns, no real plan—i just sat down & did it. i think all things considered–they turned out pretty good.