Monday, March 30, 2009

whoa, wait, 'teat chaps'.. what?

i was going through my email account just now deleting the 7000 bullshit emails i get every week and i clicked on the span folder (which doesn't even come close to catching everything) & as i was hitting the 'delete all spam' link an email subject caught my eye — but i saw it only as the emails were disappearing & it was too late to click. all it said was:

"teat chaps"

my mind instantly went to strange accessories one might find at leather bars in the meat packing district.... but a quick google search didn't bring up anything quite that interesting. it seems to be more of a cow & dog boob inflammation type thing?? the photos were very unappealing — especially before breakfast. either way, it sort of begs the question: why am i getting this? what sordid virtual path did i take to get on their mailing list?