Wednesday, June 11, 2008

when goths don’t dye

i was driving through the neighborhood this evening looking for a parking spot (as usual) & i saw a girl sitting at a coffee shop down the street. from a distance the poor thing looked as though she had long, black hair but was entirely bald on the top of her head. as i got closer i realized she simply had the worst case of albino girl blond roots i have ever seen.

now as anyone who has spent 10 minutes in my presence & been forced to listen to me bitch about the fact that i desperately need to get my roots touched up can attest — this doesn't seem like something i could fault another human for being neglectful of as i tend to be a bit lazy in that department myself. however, i am a dirty blond with dark brown hair and my roots — while not exactly attractive — don't give the illusion that my hair line starts somewhere around the top of my ears.

it seems to me that if you've got the time to apply 3 oz. of eye liner and lace up 24 hole doc martins just to go get a cup of coffee — then you can probably rinse a bottle of matte black hair goo through your locks every couple of weeks as well. put on a little 'suzie and the banshies' and invite your friends over. you can drink bloody cosmos, trade striped thigh highs and tell make-out-at-the-cemetery stories while you cover up the blinding white spots on top of each other's heads. really kids — there is nothing sadder in this world than a lazy goth. if you're going to walk with the dead you have to commit to the upkeep.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

rear window

my usually very noisy neighborhood has fallen silent tonight.

the woman behind me is out. she had company over the other day for dinner and the entire night was a cacophony of loud conversation, dish washing and etta james. it must have been someone else's turn to host this evening.

the surly family next door is tucked into bed — leaving me to wonder what that large rubber- made tub filled with 'odd brown sludge' in the back yard contains. i'm convinced it's the remains of some past nanny.

the only sound, aside from the occasional car down the alley, is someone in one of the top floor apt's on 4th street practicing the piano. they are struggling through some slightly haunting piece — fumbling every few notes, repeating the 'trickier' parts over and over and over. it sounds like someone left an old record player running in the attic of some huge old house and only snippets are making their way down through the gables and servant's hallways.

it's the nicest thing i've heard in awhile. i wish they would keep playing forever.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

i'm beginning to wonder if snow white is my alter ego or i just smell like steak?

it is common knowledge that i am much better around children and animals than i am around people of the adult persuasion; but it's starting to get a little creepy around the homestead. i have lived in long beach for about 2 months — of which i have spent about 10% of that time actually in my apartment, usually sleeping. i haven't exactly had a chance (or desire) to mingle with the locals beyond the tidbits of their lives that drift through my windows (which is actually quite a bit — hermosa avenue is home to some loud ass people) and yet i am quickly becoming the place to be if you are an animal looking for a place to hang out.

let's disregard the plethora of squirrels, birds and other small critters that like to visit me on my back porch — to date three different dogs have made their way up my back stairs, onto my porch and through the door into my kitchen. today hannah showed up. she's the perpetually escaping, obviously very bored dog from next door. everyone within a 10 block radius knows her by name and she is brought back home numerous times a day.

apparently today she decided it was time we become officially acquainted. i was in my living room unpacking and i saw a flash of black in the kitchen. i leaned back a bit to see through the door and there she was: sniffing monty's face and grinning her big, stupid dog grin. i let her hang out for about 20 minutes while i listened to daddy and son search the yard for her... and then finally picked her up and took her home. didn't even get a thank you really. they are so fucking weird over there.