Monday, January 08, 2007

farewell to fowl

after a solid year and a half of escaping my dinner table; marcel, my plump chinese button quail, has finally shuffled off her mortal coil.
the cause of death is as of yet unknown. family members who were home at the time of death were unable to shed any light on the matter, but they are unified in their belief that it was a natural departure. there were no indications she was a bird on the verge of taking her own life & no note was left.

miette, a stunned family member commented:
"she was always very open & vociferous about her life, a bit of an 'auntie mame' if you you will, not to mention keenly attune to proper customs of etiquette. i just can't imagine any reason for her to end it all without even a goodbye. to marcel that would be bad form in the highest degree. no i believe this was the workings of nature. sad, unforgiving nature."

she is survived by mother, mentor, loving confidant & master of the house- heather, monty the mangy persian, sofie the chubby cat (& one of marcels biggest fans), mister fish and of course- marcel's sister & closest friend by virtue of habitat, species & pecking order- miss miette, the fat ivory quail purchased at the same time.

no funeral arrangements have been made as of the publishing of this obituary. (i must research taxidermy options & see if my skills are up to the task.) in lieu of flowers the family asks that during your next meal of wild game you simply raise your glass to the cosmos & wish her well on her final adventure.