Thursday, March 02, 2006

old master clean up in aisle vijf

this evening i went to the grocery store and as i was staring at the tomatoes, off in my own world thinking--not about tomatoes, a woman about 104 sidled up next to me and said
'my, you look just like a sad vermeer walking through the aisles.'
'which one?' i asked her, surprised that anyone in this town even knew who vermeer was.
& she replied 'one that was never painted. such a shame.'
not quite sure where she was going with this one i thanked her & blushed profusely as i tried hiding behind my hair.
'yes, a vermeer indeed' & she slipped away into the dairy aisle.

people say the oddest things to me, i swear. but at least she didn't say i looked like a van gogh.