Wednesday, January 11, 2006

should i ever get married- or find myself in need of an evening gown...

i've decided this will be the one. i've liked it since i was about 3. in my opinion, any article of clothing that can remain a beloved item in my head for 31 years regardless of my current taste in fashion, is obviously a dress i should own.

if i can't track down the original, designed by cecil beaton for leslie caron in gigi, i have been promised an exact replica from the hands of mr. galiano...either way- i can't really go wrong. all i had to do was promise to never, under any circumstances, clean in it as i have been known to do in the past. (it's so much more fun doing domestic chores in a dress that swishes)

now of course, the whole issue of marriage is something i have slightly less control over... & sadly, it doesn't seem likely to happen at this stage- but... i suppose one never really knows. quite frankly, i can't imagine who WOULDN'T want to marry me in such a lovely gown??