Sunday, January 11, 2004

there was no cake

what the fuck?! it was a restaraunt and while i suppose i had the option of ordering cake...there wasn't some big, sugary concoction already waiting. the family was super nice as always though.... as we continue the lie that i have any reason to be sitting at their table, hugging & kissing them, telling them about my life, asking about theirs.
don't feel like thinking about much of anything except lunch right now.

spent most of weekend sitting on jack's bed... in a rather 'down trodden queenly' fashion....queenly because i had the best seat in the house,,, down trodden because i hadn't anticipated seeing anyone other than jack & damon that night & i was dressed like a dirty jeff spicoli...only not as fancy. by end of it all my hair was otherworldly looking.
laughed A cheeks are sore still. i am growing to love 'music hour' (which is usually about 10 hours) more and more & feel a definite privilage at being allowed to not only sit there during the writing of such surefire hits as 'the great white' series but to occassionaly throw in a word or two (or at least the correct spelling! hahahah) we really should just record these long periods of sitting around yapping because sometimes when we get on a roll some pretty funny shit comes out. if nothing else we would end up with great mixed tapes full of 3/4 played songs since nothing seems to stay in the cd player for more than 2.5 minutes.

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