Monday, January 19, 2004

love & a ham on rye...and i ain't talkin' bukowski or tarantino

maybe it is years of depriving myself the wonderful pleasures of food or maybe it is the simple joy of standing naked in the kitchen at 2:30 am & foraging through the refrigerator until culinary genius is achieved from nothing. who knows who cares. all i know is that i am the ruler of late night 'lunches' & i give good sandwich.

ham, chicken, horseradish, whole grain dijon mustard, mayo (don't even contemplate that 'lite' bullshit- you can't come in my house if you eat that), dark rye sliced into perfect 3/8" slices & the diameter of my lungs, thinly sliced red onion, provalone, swiss, a couple crisp pieces of mesclun mixed salad....
butter the outside of bread, grill in 7" all clad pan, put in 400 degree oven until all hot & gooey inside. remove from oven- remembering at the last second that the pan handle is VERY hot- so use an oven mit, place on shiny white porcelain plate & slice in half.
serve with chocolate egg cream.
eat in bed even if the sheets are freshly laundered & pressed. leave dirty dishes on floor beside bed until morning because you will be too full to move when you are finished.
much better if shared... but on nights when the bed is empty but for yourself & two mangy persians...let them nibble on little bits of ham & deal with the consequences in the morning.

"it's a good thing"

*borrowed with permission from 'martha stewart's guide to fine dining & attracting the right mate while in the clink"

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