Monday, January 19, 2004

beethoven's 7 symphony

i'm in love with this piece- i have been listening to it all night while scrubbing the bathroom on my hands & knees & washing copious amounts of laundry. how one girl, who wears essentially the same thing everyday can create so much laundry is amazing.
but back to ludwig... i grew up listening to this stuff- along with the ramones, hank williams, miles davis, etta james & johnny thunders... not a bad mix if i say so myself. i never understood people who only liked one or two kinds of music. how droll their lives must be.
but again, i digress....i like the poco sostenuto & vivace bits... but if i may be overly emotional for a mind settles into a searing state of feelings & imagery with the first few notes of the allegretto. it's so somber- how you could listen to it & feel nothing escapes me.
i've never been a huge fan of the typical 'wedding' crap that most choose to play & i've always thought this would be a lovely change. my sister balked at the thought. she is an avid listener of classical music & generally of the same opinion that pachelbel's canon in d major, (or pach's canonball to the less informed) while an absolutely beautiful piece has pretty much been run into the 'wedding dirge' ground (much as monet's water lilies have become somewhat wilted with each & every application to cocktail napkins & mouse pads)
at any rate- she thought this particular piece was just a little too depressing for wedding music('nothing in d minor has any place in a wedding!'...she's such a snob..haha) and then we had a good laugh over the idea that i WOULD EVER END UP MARRIED... so i thought...well ok- funeral maybe???? she got pissed that i even brought up that event - even though it is far more likely that when i head down 'the aisle' it will be in a wooden box carried by others as opposed to being on the arm of my husband.
but she had a point. it just isn't appropriate 'here's to your happy future' music.
so,,,, being the always imaginative-must have some story line to go along with every piece of music i listen to-day dreamer... i came up with a compromise....
as soon as the allegretto begins- i find myself marrying, entirely against my will, into the romanov imperial family (it reminds me of russia's golden age & the filmy, jewel encrusted gown worn by alexandra feodorovna in one of her portraits.) the music simply becomes the soundtrack to my well scripted movie of lost hope & love (even though alexandra & nicholas were by all accounts madly in love... so obviously i am being forced to marry a creature of rasputin like qualities)... of course spectacular costumes & a tiara that would make liz taylor put down her chicken leg & take notice are a must.
yeah- i'm a loser. but damn....i love that music so much. besides- i really can't make myself sound anymore pathetic than i have in past posts... so who really cares? i revel in my ability to make a fool of myself time & time again & yet only find embarrassment in the things which shouldn't bother me at all.

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